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Adhesive restorations: from tradition to CAD-CAM chairside restorations

Roberto Spreafico (Italy)

Time: 15:00 - 16:00
Room: MIRO (PV7)
Language: English
Chair(s): Jaime Sanchez-Calderon (Spain)

Learning Objectives

  • > Clinical indications of direct, inlays, onlays and overlays
  • > Why do chairside restorations?
  • > Bonded restoration clinical procedures


Today’s dentist has a wide choice of restorative materials available when replacing missing or damaged tooth structures. Since the introduction of composite resins, those materials have undergone a tremendous development and their adhesive properties on both enamel and dentin have been constantly improved, allowing a more conservative approach during the tooth preparation. Patients’demands for a more aesthetic and metal-free restoration on posterior and anterior teeth has increased during the last decade, focusing the interest of the dental profession towards aesthetic restorations with composite resins.

However, it is vital that the treating clinician has a thorough understanding of the principles that lead to a successful outcome. Naturally appearingand problem-free outcomes can be achieved if certain rules are followed by a conscientious operator.

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