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Prevention and management of trigeminal nerve injuries related to dentistry

Tara Renton (United Kingdom)

Time: 12:00 - 13:00
Room: DALI (PV5)
Language: English
Chair(s):Toni Gómez (Spain)

Learning Objectives

The attending delegates will:
  • > Understand the impact of nerve injuries on affected patients
  • Be familiar with minimizing the risk of nerve injury when undertaking dental procedures
  • > Be familiar with risk assessment for identifying patients at higher risk
  • > Know when to refer or treat


Post-traumatic trigeminal neuropathy is rare but a well-recognized risk of common dental procedures (e.g. after removal of wisdom teeth, implant placement, endodontic treatment and local anaesthetic injections). They present as sensory disturbances with or without neuropathic pain often associated with functional and psychological sequelae. Management involves a combination of early surgical (if specifically indicated for the type of injury) and medical interventions combined with a holistic approach commonly used for chronic pain patients involving psychological approaches.
Prevention is paramount and possible in most cases by employing adequate risk assessment, safe treatment planning, surgical execution and early follow up.

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