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A sequence of irrigation for 3D root canal cleaning

Philippe Sleiman (Lebanon)

Time: 09:00 - 10:00
Room: PICASSO (South Convention Center))
Language: English
Chair(s): Toni Gómez (Spain)

Learning Objectives

  • > An updated approach to disinfecting vital and non-vital root canal systems in three dimensions using a sequence of irrigants in a continuous flow, neutralization of solutions, and negative apical pressure to achieve reliable, predictable and reproducible cleanliness with complete safety in both average and advanced clinical cases.


Since the realization that root canal requires disinfection during treatment, we have seen little change in irrigating solutions and their application. This presentation will explain the faults of conventional irrigation and propose a sequence of irrigation, a new and already well-documented approach to an enhanced cleaning of both vital and non- vital endodontic systems. This assures advanced chemical preparation, safety, and long-term success with little to no post-operative sensitivity in regular and advanced clinical cases, both primary therapy and retreatment. It will become evident that the proposed sequence of irrigation is one of the keys to successful single-visit root canal therapy.

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