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Managing the factors for peri-implant crestal bone preservation

Juan Blanco-Carrion (Spain)

Time: 16:30 - 17:30
Room: EL GRECO (PV7)
Language: Spanish
Chair(s): Conchimer Leon (Spain)

Learning Objectives

  • > To understand and be familiar with peri-implant biologic width and its clinical applicability.
  • > To interpret how different type of implants (hard tissue-level / soft tissue-level) should be managed.
  • > To know and consider all the factors involved in crestal bone preservation.


Peri-implant soft tissues have shown similar dimensions of those obtained in a healthy soft tissue around teeth. The maintenance of this biological constant interface has played a key role in the stability of peri-implant bone tissues. However, there are several factors inherent to the implant, rehabilitation and prosthetic devices that can disrupt or alter this protective barrier.
The presence of one piece-implant with a smooth surface (tissue level) facing the peri-implant soft tissue, can limit the down growth of the barrier epithelium and connective tissue, depending on its position with respect to the bone crest. On the other hand, in two-piece implants (bone-level) and placed at crestal level, the biological width will be set in a more apical situation. Therefore, the position of the microgap with respect to the first bone-implant contact, determines the future biological width formed around the implant, as well as the presence of microbiological pathogens.
In addition, platform-switching implants were used with the intention of improving the attachment of the soft tissue to the implant surface. In fact, it was introduced as a relevant factor, showing an improved stability of the peri-implant crestal bone. Moreover, the connection/disconnection of the abutment can disrupt the soft tissue“attachment”compromising the marginal bone level.

The objective of this presentation is to review all these factors that influence in the marginal bone crest preservation and present our own research in this field, and some clinical cases too.

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