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Ageing: a biological, social and economic challenge

Martin Schimmel (Switzerland)

Time: 10:30 - 11:30
Room: EL GRECO (PV7)
Language: English
Chair(s): Jaime Sanchez-Calderon (Spain)

Learning Objectives

  • > Understanding the changes related to physiological ageing
  • Knowing the effect of multimorbidity on oral health
  • > Developing an oral health care strategy for healthy ageing


Ageing is progressive, general and irreversible and concerns, besides our physical functioning, psychosocial and often economic aspects. Healthy physiological ageing features a deterioration of most body functions, of which vision, tactile sensitivity, dexterity, motor-coordination, and neuroplasticity are the most relevant to dental care. In addition, fragility and multimorbidity, along with the intake of multiple medications, may occur. Functional impairment and disease contribute directly and indirectly to social ageing, leading to a shift in priorities in life. The control of oral infections is essential as multiple interactions with general health are documented, especially aspiration pneumonia.The maintenance of natural teeth enables the chewing function and a healthy nutritional intake. Restorative dentistry is important for tooth replacement, but needs to have an age-adequate design and close monitoring. Oral health is a key factor in successful ageing and quality of life until late in life.

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