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Does malocclusion matter from a public health point of view?

Papa Ibrahima Ngom (Senegal)

Time: 09:00 - 10:00
Language: English
Chair(s): Miguel Angel López-Andrade (Spain)

Learning Objectives

  • > Recognize the potential deleterious effects of malocclusion on the health and functioning of the dentition i.e. chewing, speech, swallowing.
  • > Understand how malocclusion affects quality of life
  • > Understand the relationship of malocclusion, periodontal disease, and risk factors for systemic disease
  • > Understand how untreated specific malocclusion can seriously affect general health


Malocclusion is a generic term referring to anomalies of the intra-arch and inter-arch relationships of the teeth. It is clearly not a disease, usually not associated with pain, emergency, contagiousness, threat to vital prognosis or longevity etc. In fact, education and health care policy makers, and public health programme administrators, disregard this condition. A quick stocktaking of the situation brings to light a lack of specialized staff, discriminatory or absent public funding and/  or insurance coverage, and scarce postgraduate training for orthodontics.
Nevertheless, we hypothesized that malocclusion is an obvious, yet not a priority Public Health Problem if one refers to the criteria that can assist in identifying a problem requiring public health action.

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