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Direct bonding strategies in various clinical situations

Junji Tagami (Japan)

Time: 15:00 - 16:00
Language: English
Chair(s): Miguel Angel López-Andrade (Spain)

Learning Objectives

  • > Understanding the mechanism and characteristics of various bonding materials in enamel and dentin bonding for selecting the best bonding material.
  • > Procedures to obtain maximum performance of bonding materials, especially for self-etch type adhesives
  • > Solving problems in clinical situations, such as controlling shrinkage stress, contraction gap formation and post- operative sensitivity


There are many kind of adhesive resin materials such as 2-step and 1-step self-etching adhesives, and etch-and rinse type adhesives. The bonding mechanism is variable among those materials. Understanding the bond mechanism and performance of each type of adhesive is essential for selecting the material and applying the appropriate procedure for clinical use. In a clinical situation, many factors affect the bonding such as shrinkage of composite resin, which results in clinical problems. The solution for these issues will be indicated for achieving high quality minimally invasive aesthetic restorations with reliable bonding technology.

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