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Oral rehabilitation for the compromised or senior patient

Alexandre Mersel (Israel)

Time: 12:00 - 13:00
Room: DALI (PV5)
Language: English
Chair(s): Alejandro López-Quiroga (Spain)

Learning Objectives

  • > Better knowledge of the environment; medical and psychological factors
  • > To provide adapted diagnostic and treatment planning
  • > To learn about the new technical facilities


The development of oral sciences and changes in medical care will increase the cohort of elders and the number of edentulous. Oral complete rehabilitation is a difficult challenge. The burden of these restorations is too high in national budget for a simple individual. In addition, 30% of patients are unsatisfied and feel uncomfortable with their dentures. Despite the dentist applying classical rules, he is very disappointed. Unfortunately, there are dogmas which have dragged prosthetic procedures into pitfalls. The important issues are: Impressions, inter-maxillary relationship, and chewing patterns in ageing. Therefore a new bio-ethics approach should be introduce in education programmes.

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