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Minimum intervention dentistry - Helping our patients have teeth for life

Patricia Gatón Hernández (Spain)

Time: 10:30 - 11:30
Language: Spanish
Chair(s): Guillermo Roser (Spain)

Learning Objectives

  • > Understand what MID really is
  • > Show the work-flow of MID (Identify, Early treatment, Restore, Recalls)
  • Why and how to change a conventional private practice into a MI Practice.
  • How to help our patients have better oral health throughout their life.
  • > Give some tips to make your daily clinical practice more MI


The message is clear: “Maintaining teeth for life". Since the 80´s,

Minimum Intervention Dentistry is a modern medical approach to the management of dental diseases, utilizing Caries Risk Assessment, and focusing on early diagnosis and interception of disease through minimizing risk factors, modifying diet and lifestyle, and increasing the pH of the oral environment. To detect disease at its earliest stage, in order to avoid invasive and extensive treatment, sometimes requires difficult treatments to preserve tooth structure. Properties of enamel cannot be replaced with any material!!

"A better quality of life for our patients", this is the goal of Minimum Intervention Dentistry.

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